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Petra Trimmel - Biography

Throughout Petra’s career, visual art has been a driving force. Early on Petra worked as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies, where her work spanned a wide variety of product and media. Later, leading product development and marketing teams, Petra’s art directing of graphic- and industrial-designers led to many award-winning products, sold worldwide. Since 2014: not only does Petra focus on her own creativity through visual art, but she also helps other artists place their art in top-tier hotels, beautify work-places, or create healing environments in healthcare settings.



Lilac Stripes Art Print


Petra's Artwork

Petra Trimmel’s artwork, combines photography and graphic art to make stunning abstract wall-art designs and fantasy landscapes. In her work, she gets inspired by locations, nature and things Petra visits. Having subjects as diverse as a city’s downtown architecture or the remote wilderness in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Petra's art allows the viewer to have a sense of wonder and curiosity, to add to their experience of space.

 Jewel Art Print


Mountains (Canvas Wraps)


Petra's designs span the color spectrum, some very colorful, some muted to provide a selection that will fit your interior design needs. Often these themes are stylistically simplified into still but dynamic landscapes, or combined to create a new phantasy-filled, surreal scenery or abstract interpretation of a beautiful object. In a somewhat realistic looking landscape you might find whimsical details.


Blue Tumbleweed (Acrylic Glass)


Petra loves to experiment with a variety of looks. Shaped by her expertise in graphic art, photography and product development, Petra's art is geared to visually enhance any home.

At times the artwork you see is part of a series. Multiple works, related in style or color palette allow you to group them for a themed look in your space or home.


 Riverside Art Print