About Us

Reshape Your Home | Wall Decor Designed for Inspired Interiors

You want to make a style statement in your home. Thankfully, at InStyle Walls, we can help you do just this.

At InStyle Walls, we bring you distinctive wall art suitable for any modern room design. From 2D vinyl stickers to iconic wall clocks and mirrors, we stock decals which are guaranteed to become hit conversation pieces. All that we don’t do is charge you a small fortune in the process.



Modern Interior Design Made Easy

The best-kept secrets of contemporary home design are out. At InStyle Walls, we peek inside the little black books of top home design experts. We then bring you beautiful, yet practical wall decor, inspired by the world’s biggest brands.

Brighten up walls and surrounding decor, using matching pairs of beautiful candle sconces. Alternatively, shop for affordable retro metal signage, wall clocks, and stunning 3D mirrors.

We spare at no expense when scouring home design expos for trend setting interior style ideas. - All that we don’t do is pass that expense on to you when you shop with us.


Why InStyle Walls & Not Your Local Home Depot?  

InStyle Walls is a contemporary concept art store. Our prerogative is to help you shop like an interior designer, just without any pretentious price tags.

  • Find wall decor at InStyle priced at 50% less than prints and art pieces stocked by leading retailers
  • Save while also mixing and matching products to create room designs unique to you and your home personality
  • Shop with us for one-of-a-kind abstract art pieces available nowhere else

Our Mission

Home design can be expensive. However, at InStyle Walls, we make it our mission to make costs associated with decorating less prohibitive for young people and families.

We are just as obsessed about home decor as you are. Whether you love ultra-modern interior design or vintage decals, we can help. 

Shop now for the wall art and accents you need to unleash your inner interior designer. Even better, when you've finished transforming your home, make sure to let us know by sharing your design story with us!